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I always wondered how I can save myself and others' time and efforts by generating an elegant changelog file. Curious? Keep reading.

Having a changelog document informs teams and users about what changed and especially if there are any breaking changes that one needs to pay attention to when updating dependencies.

I made some research and found a few libraries that can be used to achieve my goal. I chose to go for generate-changelog for this because it’s quite easy to configure and use.

The general idea is that you will have to use specific keywords in your git commits…

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Redux is awesome, don’t get me wrong. But it has its pros and cons. I worked with Redux for many years and I also had the chance to try out other state-management libraries. But most of them failed in different areas. Here are a few things you should consider.

“What on earth is Redux I keep hearing about?”

In a nutshell, Redux can be considered as a central store that manages the state of an application built in React, Angular, or other popular frameworks. Each of its components can access the given stored state without requiring sending down property from one component to another.

Here is a summary of…

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I’ve been using color shade names in my designs and I quickly realized that it wasn’t a good idea, especially when coding for Dark Mode.

What do I mean by color spectrum names?

Spectrum names mean that you’re using names like: grey , blue , green …etc. This also applies to shades of a specific color: grey[500] , blue[300] , green[100] .

Why this approach is bad?

There are many cons to this approach:

  • It’s hard to refactor

Imagine that your app uses the red color as the accent color. You’d use the red color name in your code which means if you decide to change your accent color in the future, say…

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